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Cladding is the exterior covering of a building, which is designed to create an aesthetical appearance alongwith protection from external elements. Cladding protects the building’s interior by acting as the defense layer against moisture, snow, rainwater and other foreign elements. Cladding, the external coverage of a building, can also keep the inside temperature stable when another layer of insulation material added. While there are various cladding materials to choose from, there is a rising trend in using natural stone cladding to enhance the look and improve the value of a building.

Stone Wall Cladding

Stone cladding is a layer of stone covering the substrate of the building wall.

Stone cladding is normally chosen for its creative and attractive appeal, stability, low maintenance and defending features. Also stone cladding brings a feel of natural style and classiness to the building, which is unmatched by any other type of cladding. Stone cladding can be used for both the interior and the exteriors of any building.

Some of the common natural stones that are used as cladding include granite, limestone, sandstone, marble and slate. Since stone cladding does not trap heat, it will be ideal for buildings situated in warmer regions.

Elements to be considered before installation

As the stone cladding is composed of the cladding panels and anchoring systems for support, the following should be studied well to determine the dimension and thickness of the cladding panels and the type of anchoring system to be used:

  • the physical properties of the stone
  • design loads and safety factors for cladding
  • expected wind loads (if used for exterior walls)
  • effects of thermal expansion or contraction, wind sway, creep and shrinkage
  • altitude at which the panel is to be installed

Granite Stone Wall Cladding

Granite cladding is a cladding made from granite, a type of rock famous for its strength, durability, and beauty.

In granite cladding, the building is faced in sheets of granite, which are cut to size and carefully put in place. In addition to sheets, dressed granite blocks can also be used. The granite may be left rough, or finished and polished, depending on the aesthetic goals of the builders and the needs of the building. Granite cladding can also be carved with ornamental elements, which will add to the visual interest of the building.

As the granite stones are expensive and the stone cladding has some special needs, this usually needs to be installed by a specialty company, which is comfortable and familiar with granite.

4C - the stone cladding experts

4C, the complete facade company, run by a team of efficient engineers with great experience in the facade industry.

4C offer a full range of stone cladding with its specialist teams, can specify and install the full range of cladding for both restorations and new builds. Whatever the material, treatments or application.. 4C has the expertise you can trust to deliver a quality finish.

Over the years 4C, the Chennai based cladding contractors, has been expanding their services to the entire India including Coimbatore, Cochin, Bangalore due to their sincerity, assured quality and timely services rendered to their clients ranging from architects, interior designers, engineers to building owners.

Backed with an experienced organizational structure and highly skilled labour, 4C has been delivering the dreams of architects come true and becoming the one stop shop for varied facade cladding requirements all under one roof.

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